Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ranveli Village Resort

Welcome Ranveli Village  Resort
The island Ranveli Maldives is set on a sweep of soft white powdered sand with just 56 remarkable beach bungalows. There are no televisions in the rooms – the only distractions you will find are the outdoors and each other. Essential Island accessories are a good book and several appointments at the resort’s Lansimoo Spa.
Ranveli Village  Resort & Spa Maldives is a very simple tropical beach island resort - literally meaning of “Ranveli” is the Gold or golden sand in the local language. The island with its beautiful nature, white sandy beaches, the tall palm trees and mirror-like clear water, is a self-contained paradise. One of its most distinguishing features, and also its most beautiful, is the long white beach that stretches away from the island. Like a deliberately constructed road to the edge of the sea, this naturally created stretch of white sand lets you understand the true meaning of “a walk on the beach Use online reservation below to get the best rate of this resorts!


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